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Me, Myself & I

Danzel is in the IT industry. After the completion of his Matric, He studied Bcom (IT) from 2001 to 2003 at one of best Universities in South Africa. This was an achiement as he completed his degree in record time. In August mid 2003 he was in a learneship with Torque-it where he enrolled for NQF Level 4 in Technical Support. He then successfully completed his learnership in July 2004.

You will notice that by the time he started the learnership he was still at the University. He attended both courses at the same time though it was not easy but through all that he gave his all and managed to do well in both certificates. This was yet another achivement.

Danzel got his first job at Wireless Data Services, a medium-sized company based in Rivonia South Africa. He was employed as a Content Developer from 15 November 2004 to 31 December 2005 as this was a temporary vacancy.

He then moved to Excellante International on 07 February 2005, also a medium-sized company based in Parktown South Africa. This is a Event & Conference organising company. He worked at Excellante International as a Network Administrator from 07 February 2005 to 31 December 2005. Though this was a permanent vacancy he had been looking for more exposure and by December 2005 he did well with his two interviews at Axiz.

Axiz is a large company with about eight branches within Africa with the main brach in Midrand South Africa. He started working at Axiz in Midrand (Main Branch) as a Desktop Support Engineer from 03 January 2006 to present. By May 2006 he furthered his studies at it-Intellect which is based in Bryanson South Africa. He enrolled for MCSE 2003 which he completed by February 2007.

His MCSE 2003 completion made him the 2nd person to be fully MCSE 2003 in the Main Branch and the 4th person through out Axiz. This was yet another achievement by Danzel.

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